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<b>Stephanie's Family</b>

This website is about my family and what we are all about.So let me start you off with some of my family's background history.

My last name is Orozco, It's a spanish name and it means a habitational province in Bilbao it comes from the Spanish,Basque origin. Now my second last name also is is also a place , the province of Arava, it means mountain. the name my parents chose for me means : princess , ruler of all.(weird)It originates from the french root Stefani and soon from english to german and even polish.


My family is Mexican and German, my mother is half german and my father part mexican and part chinesse... So this one beautiful mix. My family"s life style is a little different than others but we mostly live a mexican life style at home, this family is and can be amazing at some times. We have lived in California our whole life, but who knows maybe we will go visit Germany or spain .